Benchmarking, budgeting, and targeting of the final price for gas and electricity supply.

At Enérgitas, we specialize in high-level energy consultancy.


We provide you with a team with over 25 years of experience that has been innovating in multiple projects related to creation, transportation, distribution, commercialization, regulatory development, and much more. Our highly skilled multidisciplinary team is dedicated to assisting you in all aspects of your energy projects: from legal and administrative matters to the most technical aspects, always leveraging our expertise and the most advanced technology.


We work for various national and international energy companies, both public and private, such as law firms, Autonomous Communities or Municipalities, as well as clients from the industrial and commercial sector, SMEs, Associations, and NGOs.


We are committed to quality and respect for people, businesses, and the environment. Our values can be summarized as loyalty, trust, reliability, commitment, effectiveness, and high-level service.


At Enérgitas, we are dedicated to a sustainable future and the enjoyment of a positive past, present, and future alongside our wide range of clients. This allows us to assess the competitiveness of prices, considering factors such as consumer profile, industry, market segment (annual consumption volume), load profile (activity schedules), voltage/pressure level, and geographical location.


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